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Everfall is an active development project. As such, is prone to bugs and other issues. Compensation for lost items, money, and/or character customizations may not be feasible. Otherwise, we may compensate you for what we can prove you had. Compensations will not be issued for server crashes for fairness otherwise we'd have to manually compensate masses of people which is not possible.


Threatening or conspiring to deliberately break the rules is punishable up to equal the punishment of the infraction itself.

Rules & Regulations

1. Community Conduct


  1. All members are expected to have a general level of intelligence and maturity. If you are unable to act in a mature and civilized manner, you will be removed from the community.
  2. All members are expected to treat each other and the community with respect in and out of roleplay. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • No racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination.
    • No harassment, bullying, or other forms of abuse.
    • No trolling, baiting, or other forms of instigation.
    • No toxicity, flaming, or other forms of aggression.
    • No spamming, advertising, or other forms of nuisance.
  3. No offensive or inappropriate usernames, banners, or profile pictures.
  4. RMT (real-money-trading) or the exchange of real money with other players for items/currency/vehicles/businesses is prohibited.
  5. You are not allowed to be a member of a department's high command team if you own or are a member of staff or management of another community.
  6. If you are openly distorting the world for others around you with blatantly low RP quality or simply attempting to disrupt other players' RP experience by being abnormally obnoxious and not taking the server seriously, you will be removed from the server.

2. Roleplay Etiquette & Requirements


  1. You must have a working, clear-sounding microphone.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age to play. Staff may ask for proof at their discretion.
  3. You must use some form of clipping or recording software like Medal, SteelSeries GG, or NVIDIA Shadowplay.
  4. Character names must be realistic and cannot be those of well-known celebrities, world leaders, real-life criminals, controversial figures, or puns; lesser-known figures are permissible if non-offensive.
  5. Name changes are to only be approved when you're married via an official wedding in city, if there's a spelling error, or if you've received direction from staff for violating the above rule.
  6. Utilizing exploits, cheats, or game mechanics to win or gain an advantage over other players, other game mechanics, or otherwise influence RP is prohibited. It is against the rules to not report exploits or cheats to staff.
  7. Utilizing an external program to voice chat or communicate with other players while in city is prohibited.
  8. You must not make a habit of going AFK in public places. It is recommended that you go AFK in a private place or leave the server.
  9. You should remain in character in the event of a rule break or modder unless otherwise instructed by staff.
  10. Roleplay scenarios of rape, extreme torture, racism, and real-life terrorism (or anything close to the nature of such) are prohibited.
  11. You are NEVER allowed to respawn on an active scene, nor return to a scene in which your character has been fully killed (Stage 2).
  12. Combat logging is not allowed under any circumstance. 'Coincidental' disconnections during pivotal moments in scenes will be seen as combat logging by deception at staff discretion.
  13. Combat-enhancing graphics mods (altered blood effects, altered kill effects, altered sky color, altered weapon effects, tracers) are prohibited. Standard visual mods are completely fine (i.e. NVE, QuantV, VisualV, etc.).
  14. Win-only mentalities are prohibited. Experiencing loss and setbacks is part of the roleplaying process and should be embraced just as much as winning.
  15. If you are planning on leaving the community you may not dump all of your characters' assets to other players. Should you do this, you will not be allowed to return in the future.


By playing on Everfall, you agree to be recorded, streamed, or otherwise broadcasted by other players, at any time for any reason.

3. Metagaming


Metagaming is the act of using information that is not available to your character to change the way you play your character. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Using information gained via Discord.
  2. Using information gained via Twitch or other streaming platforms.
  3. Using information gained on one character to change the way you play another character - including relationships with other players.
  4. Transferring items, money, or other assets between characters. This also includes non-tangible assets such as information on locations, processes, people, etc.
  5. You may not be in a Discord call with other players while in the city under any circumstances.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Using information from the #media channel to find a player's location or identity.
  • Using information gathered from your police character to execute a heist on your criminal character.
  • Giving a friend a lower sentence while on your cop character because you know them on your criminal character.
  • Discovering a drug location on your criminal character and using that information to raid it on your cop character.
  • Being in a Discord call with other players while in the city, even if you are muted or deafened.

4. Powergaming


Powergaming is the act of forcing a roleplay scenario on another player without giving them a chance to respond. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Forcing another player to do something without giving them a chance to respond.
  2. Forcing another player to do something that is not possible in the game.
  3. Using a game mechanic to inhibit or control a roleplay scenario without a valid reason, logic, or interaction.
  4. Using the mechanics of entering or exiting a shell (interior that's teleported to) to engage in violent or aggressive roleplay without giving the other party time to respond.
  5. Using the /me command to force another player to do something without valid reason or roleplay events leading up to it.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Handcuffing, robbing, or otherwise interacting with another player who is AFK.
  • Handcuffing a player who is not incapacitated. (Tackled, has their hands up, or tazed).
  • Shooting police officers as they are entering or exiting a shell.
  • Initiating a traffic stop on a player because there is no physical license plate on their vehicle (Some vehicle models do not allow this as an option).

5. Fail RP


Fail RP is a blanket term for actions or behaviors that break the rules, guidelines, or immersion of RP. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Breaking character or going out of character without permission from staff.
  2. Speaking on behalf of or invoking staff.
  3. Using or operating a vehicle in a way that is not realistic.
  4. Failure to properly roleplay injuries (See Medical RP Guidelines for more information).
  5. Baiting cops to get a reaction out of them without the intent to create RP or a fun interaction for both sides.
  6. Killing or robbing players without valid reason or roleplay events leading up to it.
  7. RDM (Random Death Match) or VDM (Vehicle Death Match); killing players or using a vehicle to kill players without valid reason or roleplay events leading up to it.
  8. Retrieving or storing a vehicle in a way that is not realistic; specifically in front of other players during chases or races.
  9. Giving away items, money, or vehicles because you're leaving the server, no longer playing on a character, etc.
  10. Conflict Cooldown: If you continually engage in large mass shootouts with multiple casualties over a short period of time (within hours of one another) this will be considered fail RP.
  11. Deliberately commiting an act of suicide, thereby intentionally ending your own life and clearly indicating it as such (Your character will be permanently deleted as a result).

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Saying "I'm calling staff and you're getting perma'd" or "Enjoy your flight" after witnessing a potential rule break.
  • Refusing to continue a scene because it's a "DHS issue" without staff actively being present & telling you the scene is paused.
  • Attempting to stop an active scene as a result of a suspected bug or "scuff".
  • Ramming vehicles head or side-on at high rates of speed.
  • Using your vehicle as a roadblock to stop another vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, while still inside the vehicle.
  • Performing an unrealistic stunt jump with a vehicle.
  • Failing to properly RP injuries sustained from a vehicle accident, gunshot wound, or other such injury.
  • Doing burnouts in front of the police station to get a reaction out of the police.

6. Green Zones


Green zones are safe areas around the map. You may only conduct passive RP in green zones; no criminal or aggressive/violent RP.

Green zones include:

  • Spawn (Federal Complex)
  • Legion Square
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers (and the surrounding area)
  • Fire Stations
  • Clothing Stores
  • Ammunations
  • Impound Lots
  • Dealerships
  • Construction Job Lot
  • General Vicinity around Post Boxes
  • Recycling

Any area (that is public, or is a business) with 10+ individuals is also considered a green zone.

7. Server Staff


  1. You are not allowed to impersonate staff.
  2. You are not allowed to disrespect staff.
  3. There is not, and there will not be an application to join server staff. Do not open tickets or message staff members inquiring about joining the staff team.
  4. Staff will not compensate for losses, repair vehicles, teleport players, revive, or give anyone items/money upon request.
  5. Staff are not allowed to abuse their powers to better themselves. All staff actions are logged and monitored by management.

The Department of Homeland Security

Server staff operate as federal agents of the Department of Homeland Security, either as Field Operations or Customs and Border Patrol. Staff may patrol or respond to staff reports or tickets in DHS-branded vehicles. (This also applies to the development team, who may be working on things on the main server).

  • Occasionally, staff may roleplay as the Department of Homeland Security. To prevent any accidental FailRP, ALWAYS CONSIDER DHS AGENTS TO BE OPERATING IN RP UNLESS THEY INDICATE OTHERWISE. Oftentimes, players may see staff or management in their uniforms and begin to ask OOC questions. Don't do this. But if you do, and they respond with "I don't know what you're talking about" or something along those lines, take the hint and snap back into RP.
  • You may not steal, tamper with, rob from, or destroy any Department of Homeland Security vehicles for any reason.
  • You may not ever wear clothing that is intended to be worn by DHS (Anything branded as Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Federal Agent, NOOSE, or PIA).

8. Reporting Players


Player reports are OUT OF CHARACTER. At the minimum, we require a clip and an ID for it to be looked into by staff (send player IDs to staff by targeting (third-eye) the player and clicking send IDs to staff).

Any in-game reports that are not accompanied by a reasonable explanation in the request message will be ignored and closed. Any nuisance reports will also be ignored and closed.

Examples of things that should be reported:

  • OOC interactions
  • Exploiting/Modding
  • Harassment, usage of offensive slurs, or toxic behavior
  • Trolling

False reports and dishonesty with staff are prohibited!


Player reports can be made in-game via /report. Enter a full description as well as including the postal and their player ID. Player reports can also be made out of game by opening a ticket in our main discord with a full description and clips/proof of reasoning.

9. Reimbursements


  1. You are not obligated to receive reimbursements.
  2. Reimbursements from an invalid RP scenario (RDM, Metagaming, FailRP, etc.) are required to be accompanied by clips of the items being removed from your inventory. (AFK Robbing Exempt)
  3. Players who have received valid bans in the past are ineligible for reimbursements for items lost as a result of the ban.
  4. Reimbursements for lost items due to server-wide data loss are not possible. (Development Project Clause)
  5. Vehicles that are imported by players are subject to removal if the original player does not connect to the server for 45 days or if they are banned from the server. You will not be reimbursed for the vehicle, so purchasing locked imports from players is at your own risk. The vehicles must be removed because the vehicle models were owned by the players who imported them.


Punishment Policy: The infraction of any rule, especially those that directly affect or ruin the experience of another player, such as violence in green zones, or killing without RP to back it up may result in loss of in-game currency or items as reparations for your actions.